Horse Riding in Richmond Park

richmond park horse riding Riding in Richmond Park
There is nothing quite like the sensation of enjoying horse riding in Richmond Park. If you’ve not yet had the good fortune to experience it, contact Kingston Riding Centre and come join us horse riding in Richmond Park

The stables are situated within minutes of the Kingston Gate of Richmond Park where we take our riders for daily hacks. It is the perfect tranquil setting for hacking amongst the deer and wildlife.

The Park extends over some 2,360 acres and is a heritage landscape of National importance. It was enclosed as a Hunting Park by Charles I, who rode in the chase and it still retains many ingredients of a deer park.

It was notified by English Nature as a site of special interest in 1992 and a National Nature Reserve.

Queen Victoria herself rode in the park and recorded in her journal one “heavenly day” when she rode with her household and her ministers from Buckingham Palace to Wandsworth, Wimbledon Common and on the Park, which she rode before returning to the Palace. A distance of 22 miles.


Horse Riding in Richmond Park

It is one of London’s most scenic places with huge areas for kids to learn horse riding. It takes a few minutes from our horse stables to enjoy riding in Richmond Park and our instructors lead hacks all year round.

The park has a wide variety of amenities on offer, including a playground at Petersham Gate and educational facilities for those with distinctive needs at Holly Lodge Stables and Livery Yard. There are also toilets including facilities for people with disabilities and plenty of places to stop and take in both the fresh air and magnificient views.

You will also find places to stop and enjoy the variety of foods and refreshments within the park. You can easily plan a full day of horse riding in Richmond Park and Kingston Riding Centre.

riding in richmond park Riding in Richmond Park    horse riding richmond park Riding in Richmond Park

Hacking with Kingston Riding Centre

We offer hacks morning, afternoon and evenings with a number of specialized rides during the course of the year including 2 ½ hour bank holiday hacks, early morning winter hacks, Summer evenings, Pimms hacks and wine hunts.

It takes just minutes to ride to Richmond Park from our premises and we hack all year round. For all those confident in walk, trot and canter Kingston Riding Centre offers group hacks. For those wanting that “personal touch” or hacking out for the first few times we offer private hacks.

For all those confident in walk, trot and canter Kingston Riding Centre offers group hacks. Richmond Park is a prime location for all riders to feel comfortable and relaxed during the ride. It allows the riders to experience the park at its very best.

We also offer greater and faster rides for more skilled riders. So whatever your skill level come enjoy horse riding in Richmond Park with Kingston Riding Centre.

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